Glass Jaw

Glass Jaw

another day of the CST
International Moth World Championship was blown out today.
Instead of sitting around watching
like they did yesterday, Rohan Veal, Mat Belcher, and Bora
Gulari went out to test-sail the first fiberglass-winged prototype of
the lower-cost, fiberglass Bladerider
in big wind and gusts to around 40 knots. They got as far away
from the WPNSA so they could to launch in relative privacy, but still, a zealous officer
from the host club tracked them down and tried
to officiate them off the water
. The safety dude said, “I
can’t let you go out, because if I let you go, then everyone else will
want to go out.”

Bora squinted at him through the howling gale. “Trust me,”
he said. “No one besides us wants to go out there.”

Bora and Mat explained that they were just doing some boat testing,
unconnected with the regatta, and they were given the go-ahead. Bora’s
test sail of the prototype lasted about two minutes. “I bore away,
got downwind a little, pulled on controls and headed back upwind. Then
I tacked, about to go for a high speed run. There were about 60 people
watching from the shore. I started bearing away at pace, and the boat
just buckled from the high side. The rack pulled away at the attachment
point, the mast tube support went, and the rig went, but nothing but
the rack attachment broke. The rig is almost indestructible.”
Bora added that the boat seemed fine in the short time he sailed it
– a bit heavier than his boat, but no problem getting and staying
on the foils.

The fiberglass boat will be back on the water tomorrow under Byron
Lochie, with the original carbon racks put back in place overnight.
Hopefully there will be some racing tomorrow – if there is, you’ll
read about it in the