Roundup Unwelcome Wind


Unwelcome Wind
The Moths are sitting out their World Championship in Weymouth; the
Mumm 30s are on lorries, heading for Lorient. None of the sailors are

Welcome Wind
four of the PWA Gran Canaria Grand Slam delivered another memorable
day of competition, witnessing the awesome spectacle of a full fleet
race, the junior freestyle event and the completion of the women’s freestyle
double elimination. In the latter, Sarah-Quita Offringa defended first
position from Daida Moreno, who took second. Antoine Albeau took top
honors in the day’s fleet race, for four straight wins, ahead of Peter
Volwater in second, and Kevin Pritchard in third. The junior winner
was Phillip Koster, but he was not the only youngster to put in great
stuff. This shot from John Carter shows Marcilio Browne soaring. More pix.

Wooden Wonder
the legendary wooden boat, added to its legend when, undeterred by a
disabled engine, a torn main sail and broken gooseneck, it finished
the Transpacific Yacht Club’s Tahiti Race not only faster than
the old record, but in strong position to claim overall victory on corrected
handicap time. Ragtime, recently modified with a new keel, rudder and
mast, has the larger, faster Mag 80 and Medicine Man beaten on handicap
time by about 12 and 16 hours, respectively, and the only other boat
still racing, Jim Morgan’s Santa Cruz 50, Fortaleza,would have
to make up about six hours in the last 437 miles to beat the wooden
wonder. Ragtime is now going to return to its down under roots! Full
story here.

AmCup Good
much pleasant news has come out of the America’s Cup in the last
year, so it’s nice to report an event that gives a good feeling.
Shosholza supremo, Salvatore Sarno, was motivated to enter AC32 to showcase
South Africa’s new democracy on the world stage. Now, he has taken
his V5 yacht, built in his adopted Africa, on an emotional pilgrimage
“home” to his birthplace, where he and his wife Sandra fell
in love as 14 year olds. It was supposed to be a low key event, but
billboards headlining “The Return of the Captain!” (Il Ritorno
del Capitano) emblazoned on 1000’s of posters and pamphlets featuring
Shosholoza, ensured it wasn’t! Pic from Di Meek. Full story with
link to more pix here.

SolOceans Transat
Alexia Barrie is skippering the Veolia Oceans one design, Bostik, on
a Cherbourg-New York-Cherbourg double Transat. Yvan Griboval, creator/organiser
of the SolOceans, says the voyage is to first "Establish the course
of an annual transatlantic between Cherbourg and New York City, which
will be sailed by the Veolia Oceans one design with four crew, of which
at least two will be amateur sailors. They could be, for example, the
yacht owner/sponsor, a VIP guest, or a journalist. The return voyage
will be double handed, with a departure only a few days after the arrival
of the transatlantic from Europe." Secondly, "To test Veolia
Oceans one design in conditions it hasn’t yet encountered; sailing
into the wind, in a strong breeze and regular oceanic swell.”

We still aren’t sure where this new event, in new boats, fits
into an already crowded RTW schedule, but we’ve got to admit that
the organisers are doing a responsible job where it comes to putting
the prototype through its paces. PIx here.
Photo Francois van Mellenghem.