No Holiday

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No Holiday

man Jim Cannon gives us another one of his unique views from inside
the TP 52 Quantum Racing, which just won the Sardinia Med Cup and has
taken the overall lead in the series as well.

4, is always a great day to be an American. This July 4 was a great
day to be a member of the Quantum Racing team – the American part
was all gravy. Our forecasters downgraded the chances of mistral conditions
while noting the effect a sea breeze could have later in the afternoon.
Well, forget any sea breeze. We got the full-on mistral treatment. By
show time the box was displaying 23/25K knots. It surged over the 30
mark a few times as racing heated up.

of the fleet were wearing #4 jibs. Quantum Racing flew the 3.5. The
#4 was out of reach because we were having problems with our big tender
this morning. The 3.5 was a little much maybe but our sensible, effective
way of keeping the jib up during the short one-jibe-and-in runs kept
us very competitive. We discovered the “set and settle”
move last year in Portugal. Go around the top mark/offset, kite up,
get backsides off the bow and away we go. Once settled in at 20 knots
of boat speed the mack daddies can evaluate the setup and decide if
we leave the jib up or swap out for the staysail.