Viewer from the Sewer, Part II

Viewer from the Sewer,
Part II

in our Sewer Series from Jimbo Cannon onboard the TP 52 Quantum Racing.

in the MedCup is always the distance race. Some venues we skirt the dry,
dun-colored shores of the Mediterranean. Here off the south coast of Sardinia
it was more like a 33-mile tour out and back over a shallow M-shaped course,
ending at days end in a dying sea breeze right off the harbor mouth. Want
to know more about the grand parade? Check out Heaven
or Hell in the Gulf
on the Audi MedCup web site.

coastal race is never a good day for one who calls the sewer home. It
means keeping your powder dry, while attempting to be invisible when off
the rail, and having all options open with regard to the many sail combinations
that can be deployed on any given leg.

sewer man who has not kept his powder dry on a MedCup coastal race will
make the bow team look very average. In other words, it is all about preparing
yourself and your sail inventory for a "full-on grande casino."
Quantum Racing’s bow team of Jerro Lomas and Greg Gendell are perfect
and they expect me to keep my shit perfect too. If I leave them hanging
by not having all sails ready on either side of our crossovers well, there
is hell to pay.