Volvo 70


Volvo 70

Blue Robinson gives us a quick look at part of what goes into building
a VO 70 from our newest advertiser, McConaghy Boats.

got the green light and want a Volvo 70 yacht constructed it in six months,
so where in the world do you build it? China. Or more specifically McConaghy
Boats in China. That is who Green Team Skipper Ian Walker placed his trust
in, with the first Irish entry in the fully crewed round the world race
since 1989.

Six months. That is not long – and this is not an inshore racer, this
is an Ocean beast that will be subjected to as much, if not more punishment
than the last race. Don’t think so? Look at the new course and listen
to the experts.

Andy Rice pointed out in the July Seahorse magazine after talking to Jules
Salter – navigator with Pirates of The Caribbean on the last Volvo and
onboard the Ericsson A – boat for this race, the 2008 Volvo could be tougher
on the boats because the sea state could be worse. The new route taking
in the ports of India, Singapore and Qingdao in China could provide boat
breaking conditions – if you are upwind or tight reaching in a sea state
affected by the monsoon.