Tough Crowd


Tough Crowd

round robin finished with a number of upsets as the Match
Cup in Sweden
leader Ian Williams got knocked out on 5 wins. The field
was incredibly close with only 4 points separating the 1st to 8th places.

We had three tough races today against Sebastian Col, Paolo Cian and Peter
Gilmour. After the morning’s ProAm race, we started the day’s
serious racing on a positive note, winning against Sebastian Col. We started
to windward with good pace, and after a few short tacks, managed to hold
him past the starboard layline. With this advantage, we lead comfortably
around the race track to add one more win to our list.

second race was far more eventful, this time against Brasil Sailing Cup
winner Paolo Cian from Team Shosholoza. We got a penalty in the prestart
and lost the starboard advantage off the line, which proved detrimental
as Cian made big gains in close to the rocks on the right. We exchanged
penalties at the top mark, and managed to lead around to the finishing
line. We still had a penalty coming into the line, but sucked Cian into
barging on the pin, wiping our penalty and putting one on him. This race
ended up being a very decisive race as it put us onto 6 wins, confirming
our entry into the Quarterfinal stage tomorrow.

finished the Round Robin in 5th place, putting us up against fellow Australian
and somewhat of a mentor, Peter Gilmour. Although we lost our race against
him today, we are feeling comfortable with all aspects of our sailing.
Having said this, the old fox is going to be hard to beat with his excellent
team, and on his old stomping ground here in Marstrand. A special thanks
to Line7, Harken and the Royal Perth Yacht Club for their support.

Mirsky Racing