Getting Closer…


Getting Closer…

Our boys at Team Mirsky are slowly but surely
climbing up the match racing ladder…

Day two of the Match
Cup in Sweden
started on a positive note, winning our first two races
in the shifty conditions against Matthias Rahm and Bjorn Hansen. After
the call for our lunch break, the sea breeze kicked in to a steady 8 knots.

After lunch we had three big races against Matthiu
Richard, Magnus Holmburg and Ian Williams. We lost each of these matches
marginally, but weren’t disappointed in the way we were sailing
as a team as only minor errors lost us the lead in each race.

All of the races have been closely fought out by every team, with only
slight errors deciding the winners. The result of this is an incredibly
close field, with ten teams still in the running for the quarterfinals.

The two standout teams have been Magnus Holmburg and Jes Gram Hansen,
both of whom are sitting relatively comfortably on 6 wins each. Both teams
have clear advantages with Holmburg shining out as the veteran of Match
Cup Sweden, and Jes Gram Hansen’s young Danish crew who are all
very familiar with the DS37’s.

We have three races to look forward to tomorrow,
and three more chances to strengthen our position. We have improved our
teamwork dramatically since Korea, and are feeling a lot more confident
in improving on our previous World Tour results.

A special thanks to Line7, Harken and the Royal
Perth Yacht Club for the support.

Kinley Fowler
Mirsky Racing Team