The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

The delightful Lia Ditton checks in from Brooklyn, where she and Ryan Finn are helping get Thomas Coleville’s Sodebo ready for her solo transatlantic record attempt.

Photos by Mark Washeim, Doyle Sailmakers

The call to muster was made. Thomas Coleville and shore crew Jochen Krauth and Martial Salvant were on a plane. Within hours, Antoine Bourel, Ryan Finn and I were all sleeping in the same Brooklyn hotel. Only one day stood before Monday, potentially THE day of departure.

One look at Thomas and there is no mistaking that he is an athlete. He is evidently fit, very fit. Sodebo has racked up over 40,000 miles since her creation and while the running rigging is obviously well used, it’s also very much tried and tested, having been refined and furthermore fine tuned. So the atmosphere among our small team was relaxed and jovial, no last minute flurry, no tension- in itself a beautiful thing.