Anarchists In Need

Anarchists In Need

A few months back, Anarchist J105Puff posted a thread about the calamity facing the Iroquois Lagoon Yacht Club. Here’s an excerpt:

“A few of you that have served in or around Pearl Harbor may have seen the "Where In The Hell Is Iroquois Lagoon" T-shirts, or maybe you even know about the Iroquois Lagoon Yacht Club. Unfortunately, I believe this little corner of Hawaiian paradise is about to bite the bullet for the last time. ILYC was started some 30 plus years ago by a couple of Navy types that wanted a place to tie up their fishing boats. Eventually it turned into a Navy "Yacht Club". This term gives a lot more "class" to the place than it really deserves, everything from the head, to the back yard garden sheds used to store boat gear, to the docks themselves have been built by the G.I.s that banded together to form the club. Up until two or three years ago you had to be either an active duty military member, family member or military retiree to be a member of ILYC. In 2003 the Navy leased the property that ILYC’s clubhouse is on to a private housing developer so this developer would rebuild the Navy owned housing units surrounding ILYC. At first the developer didn’t want to deal with a Yacht Club or marina, but eventually the dollar signs flashing in their eyes were too much and starting next month they’ve informed us they are taking over the marina, docks, storage and work areas, club house, head, everything. Oh yea and they’re not paying the G.I.s that built all this one red cent."

Now the developer has served the Club with an eviction notice, and these G.I.’s, many of them serving in Afganistan and Iraq, are about to lose their historical home away from home, and may lose their boats.

Despite the media’s love for all causes military, this thing has stayed completely beneath their radar, so it’s time for a mobilization of our own. Please take a look at the thread – in it are dozens of contacts for all of you to voice your dissatisfaction with the developer’s actions and their lack of respect for one of the neatest club’s in US military history. When Anarchists speak up with our loud voice, we make a difference. Oh, and tell the developer what you think of him, too.