Help – Lost

Help – Lost

Since June 4th, a 35′ Bavaria hasn’t been heard from. One person is on board, on his way to Iceland from Bermuda, which he left on the 1st of June. Last known position was N37 25.468 W63 13.527, taken from a satphone conversation on the 4th. His next stop was meant to be St. John’s, Newfoundland, but that’s long, long overdue.

An extensive search has been formally called off, and ‘Captain Hook’ is looking for help finding his friend. Check it out here.

Help – Thirsty

Former Sailor Chick of the Week Roz Savage has encountered some difficulties on her singlehanded attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean from the US to Australia. Just 33 days into her trip, not quite halfway between San Diego and Hawaii, Roz’s primary watermaker died. Here’s what she said:

“… for now it’s looking as if water is going to be in short supply for the rest of my voyage. I used the manual watermaker for a few minutes today, just to test it out. It is hard work, and yields water by the drop, rather than by the pint, let alone the gallon. It will keep me alive when my water reserves run out in a couple of weeks.

“Surprisingly, I am not too despondent now I have got used to the idea. It was becoming very wearing on the nerves, wondering each day if the watermaker was going to work or not. If it is really dead, it is almost a relief to know for sure how things are, rather than living with perpetual hope and frequent disappointment.

“But the manual watermaker really is not a great option. So if you hear of any leisure craft heading out from San Diego bound for Hawaii, who might be able to resupply a thirsty rower, let me know.”

If anyone’s headed through that patch of ocean in the next couple of weeks and wants to help get Roz some more water, get in touch with her.