Lord of the Gulf Stream

Lord of the Gulf Stream

The Cal 40 Sinn Fein showed up tens of millions of dollars of go-fast racing yachts once again, winning the ORR division of the Newport-Bermuda Race for the second straight time, and their class for the fourth race in a row. Those results speak volumes about the skipper, the crew, and most of all, for the kick-ass boat born in Santa Cruz more than 40 years ago.

There’s a better story about the race, though – and it’s an all-SA story that you’ll love.

It starts with Julien Dougherty, one of the original SA members, and Tenacious, the Beneteau 36.7 that he got a couple of years ago. Julien posted a thread back in November, asking the Anarchists what they thought of him taking the Bennie down to Bermuda around the time of the race. He wanted to get some bluewater experience in advance of a possible Bermuda race in 2010, but SA members convinced him otherwise.

Along with a few other prominent Anarchists, Julien spent the winter getting the boat prepared – not an easy task, especially since the 36.7 wouldn’t meet the stability requirements set for the race. MikeR put the rig on a massive diet, and with a few other modifications and a lot more consultation of the SA community, the boat was prepared – and allowed – to race.

Fast forward to last night when Tenacious, the smallest boat in the professional Gibbs Hill Lighthouse division, crossed the line off Bermuda with a corrected time of 56 hours – enough to win the division by almost three hours. Note some of the boats they spanked: Ramber. Moneypenny. Bella Mente. Sjambok…

Huge congratulations to Julien, Gerard Girsti, Thomas Mikolasko, Heather Schultes, Jeffrey Tyrel, and Adam Loory. This is a success story that thousands of us have followed, and we can’t tell you how tickled we are for all of you.

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