More from the unfortunate tragedy of the Cynthia Woods – this time from Kevin Box on the Galveston Bay Cruising Association site:

We went to visit Linda Stone last Saturday. Gary Anderson, the LYC co-chairman of the
Regatta de Amigos, GBCA Commodore Duane Bez, LYC Commodore Brian Irvine and me. I don’t
think any of us knew just where to start as we walked to the front door. What do you say
that she hasn’t heard a thousand times by now?

She welcomed us in and we all shook hands. Right about then, her little dog jumped out and
tried to lick Gary to death. Nothing like a good ol’ dog to come to the rescue and break
the ice. As we sat down, she gave me a small envelope. I didn’t open it or even look at
it. I just held it the whole time like it was a note to my parents from the principal. No
way was I going to be the first one to get all puffy-eyed.

She had a quiet strength about her and a truly gracious nature. She told us she had met
with the crew Roger had saved. “They are just kids.” She had told them “you better get some
counseling through this, I don’t care how strong you think you are.”