Good News

Good News

Beater to heater ingreidents
You can check out the thread for pics of the winners, but all you really need to know is the two most important ingredients to successful boat restoration, seen here.

Last month we ran our “Beater to Heater” contest in search of stories of Anarchist efforts to turn a piece of crap into a pickle-dish gathering machine. The responses were awesome – who doesn’t love stories of resourceful sailors resurrecting old boats and doing great things with them?

It was extremely tough to pick the two winners – but we did. Thanks to all of you for your submissions and nominations.

SA’er “Zaney” submitted a few of his beater projects, but he gets the prize for his 1977 Soverel 30, “Wild Cherry.” Bought for back slip fees and in horrible shape, Wild Cherry is now, well, cherry, and a light-air killer.

SA’er “Burnsy” also wins one of our prizes – not because their DB1 “Heatwave” is the best of anything, but because they represent everything that SA is about: Openness, fun, and a willingness to go out and do what it takes to make a boat go – or simply make it liveable. While Heatwave isn’t yet the “heater” that she could be, they’re getting there, and bringing us all along for the ride. Check out the Heatwave thread here.

Both Zaney and Burnsy win accurate half-hull models of their boats from SA advertiser Trident Studios, builders of some of the most accurate and well-finished half hulls on the planet. Trident makes custom models of any boat, for personal and industry clients as well as for regatta organizers as high quality prizes. Check out their models here.