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fellow anarchist and pal Vegas tuned me in to a thread in the Dinghy Anarchy
forum where loyal West System customers, detractors, newbies and journeymen
were discussing all things epoxy. Thank you, one and all who weighed in
on that thread. The posts covered so many issues that a short reply in
the forum just wouldn’t do, so I took notes and will address a few
of the larger issues in a series of brief articles. This is the second
of four.

don’t intend this to be one big West System® commercial. Some
of the questions were product-specific and I will discuss the issues that
are relevant. I won’t knock any other brand of epoxy, but will compare
and contrast some of the products mentioned with our product when appropriate.

asked a great question: "Why not have UV inhibitors in the resin
to begin with?"

don’t epoxy formulators just add UV inhibitors to make epoxy systems UV
stable? Or sell UV inhibitors separately so end-users can add it themselves?

formulating epoxy, we consider a range of properties. Improving one property
will usually come at the expense of another or several others. We don’t
add a UV inhibitor to our structural hardeners because too high a loading
will depress the system’s structural properties.