Long Way to Go…

Long Way to Go…

A perfect
sailing day …

with 10kts of breeze and went up to 20kts in the afternoon. Boat speed
perfect as well as we tested J1, J2 for offshore and J2 for inshore racing.
Finally we could test A2 and A3.

boat is doing well and with 15 degree heel it has super narrow waterline
and we get more the feeling of sailing a catamaran than a mono. Sprayrails
are found to be working well – spray all over the crew 🙂 While the boat
is stepping soft into the waves the sprayrails are stopping the bow to
dive. The hull seems to be quite powerful through the sharp chine on the
side and we ask ourself why not all boats look like ours …

the other hand 6 guys are ginding
the huge A3
in and the numbers on the spibags (A3-4) help us to get
the right amount of crew down to get them – it’s 4 at least. Tomorrow’s
program – 20 kts again and developing boat speed.

feel sorry about the Irish team that broke the bowspriet at their first
sea trials. It’s three steps behind and we really hope to play around
with them soon in the Solent.

from Team Russia’s Skipper-Blog on www.segelwelt.at