It Shouldt, ShouldnÂ’t It?

It Shouldt, Shouldn’t It?

Rob Greenhalgh likes the idea of an America’s Cup in multis. “It
will be good for the sport and I think it will be a bit of a technical
battle. I don’t suppose it will continue in multis, but I’d
like to see it in something a bit more exciting than the boats we had
last time. I don’t agree with those who say the tactical side will
be lost in fast boats. I think the multi match will be more tactical;
OK the tactics will be different, but it’s still a case of if you
get it right, you get it right.” says Rob.Not every Extreme 40 sailor agrees though. Nick Moloney said “I’ve
competed in two America’s Cups and I don’t think multihulls
are good boats for match racing. Even when we were doing the Fabergé
Cup and whatever else, we always felt that – even in the monohulls – the
faster boats, the planing boats took a lot of the skill away from the
match race. We liked going to Bermuda, for instance, and racing slow boats.
It’s sad; multihulls are cool, but they’re not match racing

said more, so did Shirley Robertson and others, including – for
you Ocean Racing anarchists – Francis Joyon. Read more here then chime in on our AC
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