here’s a Finn sailor’s take on US Sailing’s quest for membership $$$.

examine for a moment what $60 of your hard earned dollars is getting you
these days…

  • two pair of sailing gloves, of which you’ll lose both left’s within a
  • half your monthly cell phone bill, mostly to call people you will see
    within the next three minutes and sometimes are currently in the same
    building as.
  • half the entry fee at Lauderdale OR:
  • an annual contribution to an organization which stands as a foundation
    for an entire sport, community, hell…way of life. We do not PLAY soccer,
    PLAY baseball, PLAY frisbee. We ARE sailors.

of what we do happens magically. It ALL exists in a framework. US Sailing
trained judges and race officers help us enjoy regattas that might otherwise
feel more like a cross between sandlot baseball and ultimate fighting.
US Sailing trained instructors give newbies a chance to let the sailing
drug course through their veins for the first time. US Sailing administers
the rating systems that allow the roughly 1.34 million different varieties
of four knot shitboxes to bitch about their ratings while getting super-drunk
on a weeknight. US Sailing negotiates insurance packages to protect Yacht
Clubs from lawsuits like Sprague v. Lauderdale YC and Sprague v. Alamitos
Bay YC (and tangentially Northwestern University Athletics v. Kern). Currently,
they do all of this for you whether or not you bothered to support the