Getting Their Feet Wet


Their Feet Wet

has been too long since my last progress update, but since January, Martin
Boulter and the team at Composite Creations finished the build of the
hull and deck. If nothing else, this project has taught me to value the
services of a good project manager. I did it myself for this one and learned
a tremendous amount but it was a time consuming effort. There were 650
individual component parts that were fit onto the boat ranging from individual
blocks all the way up to the main sail. These came from 110 different
manufacturers, 48 different suppliers, 10 different countries and 5 different
currencies. The keel fin was built in New Zealand, the bulb in Canada
and the boat in the UK….

boat arrived in Mystic on April 4th, and since then Ryan Finn has been
leading the charge in fitting her out in preparation for the Newport Bermuda
race. With Kip Stone signed up as the godfather to the boat, and Ryan
in charge of keeping the Dragon in fighting form, I am in excellent hands.