As a reply to some of the anti-GGYC articles
lately, by certain ‘unemployed’ AC participants (that has stirred the
AC Anarchy posters quite a bit), the following is an offering as a fact
check, using challenge info and court documentation:

"SD: As previously
mentioned, Alinghi (SNG) by accepting the changes to its protocol did
acknowledge some errors in their original one sided document. Then again,
it has to be remembered that Desafio (CNEV) agreed to the original document
for their own benefit. But most importantly 12 other challengers eventually
subscribed to the modified Protocol, to the AC90 Rules, the Competition
rules and the Event regulations to which they all contributed."

As noted by most everybody in the AC world,
CNEV was self-proclaimed as a "Legal Adjustment" when it came
to its organization and issuance of a challenge for the oldest trophy
in sport. This was just a blatant slap in the face to the history and
tradition of the America’s Cup, and to the "friendly competition
between foreign nations" as visualized by George Schuyler. By using
Valencia as a host venue, accepting their ‘sham’ challenge was like kissing
your sister. Using Valencia, and the country of Spain, as a partnership
for the defense of the Cup removes their status as a "foreign"
competitor. You’re in bed with these guys on running the event and turning
a profit, it becomes foreign only in a physical sense of SNG being located
on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. There are lots of errors when it comes
to SNG itself, the first was being allowed to compete when they did not
‘physically’ meet the express terms of the DoG. That’s what happens when
you try to be a nice guy. Entry rules need to be DoG specific, no allowances.
Oh yeah, Desafio has bailed on them.