Big Pimpin’



father and son team of Romeo and Blaine Robichaud, who own RBS Battens,
are two of the absolute nicest guys you will ever meet in the industry.
Oh yeah, they make some damn fine battens, and have an interesting new
innovation. Check it.

RBS is pleased to introduce our newest product the ‘Batten Splice’
or what we call it around here ‘The Wedge." Tapering a wedge
(scarf joint) on our battens then sliding the splice over it allows us
to maintain the bend characteristic of the batten.

The splice is manufactured in house using a thermoplastic
process with polypropylene and e glass orienting the fibers in a hoop
configuration for maximum strength without increasing the stiffness allowing
the splice to not distort the bend of the batten or create a hard section.
We recommend the splice to be placed at around 60% from the luff keeping
the joint away from the deepest part of the bend.

and Play
RBS will place the splice on each section of the batten so all the customer
needs to do is plug them together.

Being able to ship longer battens in some cases by UPS or FED EX (save
money) and quicker delivery along with the ability to store longer battens
(more space on board).


Cut your batten short? Using a single section of our splice fasten to
a section of our batten stock allows us to extend your batten to any length.We
are happy to assist you with your batten need, just drop us an e-mail!