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Bismark Dinius Needs
Our Help

a story of a sailor facing significant prison time for manslaughter. And
it’s replete with a killer cop, a seemingly crooked District Attorney’s
office, possibly conflicted judges, evidence tampering, subornation of
witnesses and investigative procedures that make Guantanamo look like
the height of fair play.

You can forget about expert witnesses, or any rules of
the road you may have learned. They don’t mean anything when you
are up against the number two deputy sheriff who runs over your sailboat,
going over 50 MPH, tearing through the deck and the rigging, killing a
passenger, on a lake at night. The Good Old Boy Network is alive and well
in Lake County California. Because the cop’s not charged, the guy
at the helm of the sailboat is. And if the cop was tested for alcohol,
no one knows it. But, the sailor sure was. It’s a small town and
the cops, prosecutors and judges are all buddies.

On Wednesday a lake county judge ordered Bismark Dinius
to stand trial. See it here on KGO Channel 7.
For Channel Report.

Read the report from the Lake County News.
for Lake County News.

Dinius is going to need some help. Unlike the Duke Lacrosse
players, who faced obvious prosecutorial misconduct at the hands of Mike
Nifong, Dinius is also faced off against local cops and judges too. Join the
discussion here
. – Anarchist Ron