Vanguard 15’s Invade, News at 11

Vanguard 15’s Invade,
News at 11

The news that there will be 100+ Vanguard 15’s on a quarter-mile long
starting line at Larchmont YC this weekend for the 2008
(sponsored by Nautica) piqued our interest. We know they’ve
never had that many boats before on one starting line in the Vanguard
15 class – just goes to show that if you build it, they will come.
We’re sure the mark roundings will be quite the sight on those short Vanguard
15 courses. And with plenty of big names on the entry list, we’re also
betting that an average score of ten in each race will be enough to take
home the championship trophy. More information is available on the regatta
site. Pictures and full report to come early next week.