Up There

Up There

happy our boys from Mirsky Racing Team are having a good go at Korea
Match Cup
. Here’s their report from today:

a day at the hotel playing Squash yesterday, we were eager to race today.
The conditions were light when we first stepped onto the boats for our
first match up against Match Racing veteran Peter Gilmour from Pizza-La
Sailing Team, but the wind strengthened throughout the day before settling
in at a steady 11 knots. Once again there was a huge public following,
creating a festive atmosphere around the venue, making the racing all
the more exciting!

We managed to get 5 races out of 7 today, putting ourselves in a fairly
strong position to get a spot in the Quarter Finals. We displayed some
dominant sailing throughout the day, but most impressive was against Jesper
Radich of Desafio Espanol in our last race of the day, where Torvar once
again proved his ability to control his opponent in a pre-start, nailing
Radich with two penalties and leading into the line with a boatlength’s

Our other victories were over Peter Gilmour, Magnus Holmburg, Paolo Cian,
and Korean qualifier Seung Chul Lim. Tomorrow we have to race World number
1 Matthieu Richard, current Tour champion Ian Williams, Areva Challenge
skipper Sebastian Col and Swedish sailor of the year Bjorn Hansen. We
have some tough races to look forward to tomorrow, but are eager to continue
our winning form into the quarter finals and beyond!

Kinley Fowler
Racing Team