Who’s Zoomin’ Who?


Zoomin’ Who?

relation to this recent comments made: Alinghi could have written a protocol
that was a little less one sided, they could have not insisted that they
hired and fired all the umpires and race officials (Could you imagine
that being accepted by Chelsea in the European Cup Final if suggested
by Manchester United?) The particularity of the America’s Cup has
no similarities with that of soccer. It is the supremacy and the anomaly
of the AC that the Winner leads the way!

As previously mentioned, Alinghi (SNG) by accepting the
changes to its protocol did acknowledge some errors in their original
one sided document. Then again, it has to be remembered that Desafio (CNEV)
agreed to the original document for their own benefit. But most importantly
12 other challengers eventually subscribed to the modified Protocol, to
the AC90 Rules, the Competition rules and the Event regulations to which
they all contributed.