Big Pimpin’



folks from Sailing Networks have a message for you.

you reading Sailing Anarchy looking at the fun everyone else is having
and feeling seriously inadequate? Are you short of good stories to embellish
in the bar after racing? Is "home for tea and medals" too much
tea and not enough medals?

do something about it. Find a new boat or find a new crew and realize
your potential. Sailing
has completely revamped their FREE Crew Finder service. This
time of year sees the heaviest usage of this popular service as people
look for a permanent crew position for the coming season. So don’t miss
the chance – make sure that you have entered your vessel details and any
crewing requirements that you have. And remember, if you are a crew looking
for a position, enter your details onto Sailing Networks so that boat
owners can find you!

it a try: for example MisQue, an SR25, is looking for crew for serious
racing at Marina Del Rey: "No flakes, no headcases, please",
whilst Red Machine, a JOD 35 out of Eastbourne is looking for "Trimmers
and tweakers. Prefer young, fit and committed to restore the balance.
Drinkers welcome. Totty at your own risk (beware lecherous co-owner!)".

can’t compete with SA’s insightful features like "Sailor Chick of
the Week" (wink, wink) but come and see us at www.sailingnetworks.com.