First to Last

First to Last

recall that Peter deRidder and his new J/V TP 52 Mean Machine flat dominated the first Med Cup 52 regatta with a string of bullets,
winning handily. We got his take on it then and now, having finished last
(!) in the second round, we asked him one question:

Q: What the hell happened?

A: We had a horrible event. More or less like Federer when he was hosed by
Nadal this weekend at Roland Garros: way too many unforced errors. Every
race had its own little story of mishap and error. It felt to us that
there wasn’t any way out of that downward spiral. Most of the series the
Mistral was on, but nevertheless we showed really good speed both up and

the worst thing we did was winning the practice race! That bad omen still
seems to be true. After winning in a very close finish with Matador (delta 1 sec.) in the first race, it all started to go bad for us. A small

  • 720 at the top when going around in top 5.
  • Jibe setting at the topmark in 2nd place for the best breeze, but not
    when we were there.
  • Some less than accurate laylines towards the bottom in a few races.
  • Collision with Matador at the 1st topmark of the coastal race
    and we, being on port, clearly in the wrong.
  • Instruments totally off the pace.

all in all: the bad news is it wasn’t us in Marseille, however the good
news is that from there on there will be heaps of room to improve! And
last but not least: these are awesome boats in 25-30 knots of breeze planing
to the bottom mark!