Sail with US or Else!

Sail with US or Else!

now most of us have heard that US SAILING is considering a prescription
to the rules that would make US SAILING membership a requirement for all
racing drivers at all regattas across the country. I thought it would
be interesting to see what the various one-design class leaders thought
about this idea so I asked them. What’s interesting is apparently US SAILING
did not. If you ask me these are the individuals who make the sport happen
every weekend along with the yacht clubs. I sent a very simple question
to all of the contacts on the US SAILING list of one-design classes. The
question was as follows.

Dear One-Design Class Leader,
As you have probably heard US Sailing is talking about adding a prescription
to the Racing Rules of Sailing that will require US Sailing membership
for any individual who helms in a race in the US.

As a leader of your class association do you support this requirement?

Thanks for your answer and any feedback,
Roger Jolly

Thirty six classes responded to my question:
66.7% Opposed the US SAILING proposal
19.4% Supported it
13.9% Expressed no opinion

The US Sailing Board votes on the proposal in a few weeks. It will be
interesting to see if they can continue to defy the membership. If they
do what happens next? – RJ.