Melges 24 Man Candy

24 Man Candy

Mr. Clean tells you about the action on the water, let me tell you what’s
really going on here in Sardinia – off the water. While the “après
racing” festivities are somewhat lacking – apparently the Italian
Melges 24 class decided not that partying of any kind wasn’t important to
the sailors – and the regatta is a far, far cry from the rowdy, somewhat
tawdry nature of Key West or Whidby Island, the Melges 24 class members
have found some ways to keep it interesting for themselves.

outdoor barbecues at the Bougainvilla Apartments to fancy dinners at Gianni’s
and Orange, and even a planned night out at the exclusive domain of playboys
and the women that love them – the “Billionaires Club” –
the teams are keeping busy.