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count down clock has appeared at the top of the website hreading 0j 00h 00m 00s. There is also a beautiful article posted today
of an interview with Thomas Coleville titled ‘La routine sans la routine’
(‘The Routine without Routine’) about a typical day at sea and how Thomas
multitasks the demands of his ship. (Thomas: Il faut être multi-tache
tout le temps! I must multitask all the time!) Unfortunately it is not
translated into English, but if you copy and paste the text here you’ll get an amusing literal interpretation.

Website activity suggests to me that Thomas Coleville’s departure on Sodebo
may be imminent. For anyone in the New York area, I highly recommend a
last-chance pilgrimage out to Brooklyn Gateway Marina (3260 Flatbush Ave.
NY 11234) which is off the Belt Pkwy that runs the parameter of Brooklyn.
Enjoy the adjacent view of Lower New York Bay. On Monday past, Memorial
Day, I drove this route with two professional NY chef friends. My mission
was to pay homage to the deities, Nigel Irens and Benoît Cabaret
at the ama of their design creation the 105ft trimaran Sodebo, built to
carve away at Francis Joyon’s amazing 57 days (13 hours, 34 minutes and
6 second) RTW record.