Just Asking…


never been in love with Gary Jobson, and we know he doesn’t like us –
get in line, dude. While surely a nice guy, we’ve always looked at him
as symbolic of the old school of sailing, and really thought he sucked
during all his alarmingly lame and simplistic AC television work. This
one is funny.

this year, Gary Jobson, who is the “select” member of the
US Sailing Board of Directors, and a member of the US Olympic Sailing
Committee, wrote an
in Sailing World in which he claims to be a Group 2 sailor.
A Group 3 is defined generally as people who are paid to sail, and also
as people who allow their likeness and sailing reputation to appear in

in the May issue of “Sail”, there is a full page ad from a
Swiss watch manufacturer, which features a picture of Jobson, and talks
about his sailing reputation, mentioning specifically his America’s
Cup experience. So,
wondering about all of this, I sent Jobson the following email, pasted
in its entirety, which was also copied to US Sailing President Capron,
who put Jobson on the US Sailing Board, and to Past President, and current
ISAF VP, Dave Irish. As of this writing, no one has responded.