Another Rich Guy

Rich Guy


this for a headline: Polygon’s Alex Jackson Steps Down to Race
. Nice work if you can get it. Jackson is the owner
of the monster 100′ Speedboat, and while the headline looks envious,
there is just a bit more to the story:

Polygon is removing Jackson of his power to make investment decisions
amid a flurry of redemption requests by spooked investors who have pushed
assets under management down to $6 billion from a recent high of $8 billion.
While the firm’s master fund is down just under 5 percent for the
year, investors say Jackson’s losing credit bets drove losses.

in New York, Jackson, 42, was in charge of Polygon’s credit- and convertible-arbitrage
investing, the industry’s two worst-performing strategies this year, according
to data compiled by Hedge Fund Research Inc. in Chicago. Polygon Global
Opportunities Fund has lost about 4 percent in 2008, according to investors
in the fund.

who didn’t return phone calls seeking comment, plans to spend time racing
sailboats, according to people familiar with the situation. His decision
to stop managing money was reported earlier today by the Wall Street Journal
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