Back to Business

Back to Business

It’s always a pleasure to fill the Editor’s shoes for a few days, but it’s hard, late-night work. Sitting here at 4 a.m., finishing up the stories on the porch of our apartment in Sardinia, I can definitely say that I’m glad Scot will be back at his desk tomorrow, so I can turn my undivided attention to this very exciting World Championship that I’m lucky enough to attend.

Our first OTW report in Europe has already been a blast, and it’s great to see that Sailing Anarchy is almost as well-known here as it is back home. I’ve now had people from Norway, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Estonia, and Hungary tell me how they love SA, and half of them could hardly speak English.

We hope you enjoy the rest of our week’s live coverage, and you can now rest assured that SA’s front page will revert back to its usual lofty journalistic standards. Thanks for all the great stories that you sent in, and g’night.

-Mr. Clean