The 800 Club

The 800 Club

Either the race organizers at the Volvo Melges 24 World Championship are incredibly optimistic or one of the German crew from “Unsponsored” has dyslexia. Considering that there have only been around 740 Melges 24s ever built, we’re going with the first explanation. The owner of this boat explains the boat’s name – ‘Unsponsored.’ “Most of these guys maybe get a thousand Euro or some gear and they put big stickers all over their boats. I won’t do that!”

While there may not be 800 boats here, there are 117 – and that’s plenty, thanks. In contrast with an event like last years Melges Worlds in Santa Cruz, this is a truly international and majorly deep fleet. A dozen languages can be heard around every corner of Porto Cervo this week, and the quality of the sailors in both Corinthian and Open subdivisions is massively high.

We’re incredibly stoked to be here in Sardinia to bring you all the On-The-Water Anarchy action from Worlds, which starts this Sunday, as is the sponsor of our coverage, Ullman Sails. From Kelly Buchan and Dave Ullman, “We’re very excited about SA’s on-the-water coverage of this year’s Melges Worlds. It’s the perfect way to keep up on all the racing news for those of us who couldn’t quite make it over for the event.”.

You can check out the journal of our trip thus far in this thread, and for more pics, check out this Pre-Worlds thread. We’ll be out there tomorrow, and hopefully a bit if sun will shine. Today’s results are here.

Pics Meredith Block/Blocksail.com