US Sailors Saved by Stuart Little? By Peter Huston

US Sailors Saved by Stuart

Peter Huston

we were kids, we probably all read "Stuart Little" and thought
how cool it would be to sail on a model yacht in Central Park. It was
a great day dream for a kid. Every time I’m in Central Park by Conservatory
Water, I think about "Stuart Little". And now, given new information
provided within the forum about a deal that US Sailing President Capron
seems to have made with the model yacht classes, I’m thinking about Stuart
Little again, and hoping the nightmare that is mandatory membership will
go away.

Sailing President Jim Capron blindly continues to march his mandatory
membership proposal forward to a June Board vote where it seems certain
to become reality. But it now comes out that President Capron is making
allowances for a certain class of sailors that then makes his vision of
mandatory membership only applicable in some classes.

the "Mandatory Ignorance" thread in the forum, it has now come
out that it seems the model yacht racers will be considered members of
US Sailing if they sail an ISAF Internationally recognized model yacht
class and are members of the AMYA. So, President Capron has already started
down the path of a double standard. If President Capron is saying that
ISAF International model yacht classes are seen as members of US Sailing
through membership in their association, then why is it that he can’t
say the same sort of thing about all forms of sailing?