Who Rules?

yesterday’s analysis of the situation, we are now studying some possible
strategies for both protagonists.

a bold strategy backfires!

add pain to BMWOracle’s misery, by extending the time frame to an
America’s Cup in 2009, the legal process has given Alinghi the possibility
of exploring different designs before construction, having more time for
construction and development of their vessel. The Defender may also decide
to design and construct more than one vessel since Alinghi is not required
to designate its competing vessel until the start of the first race.

BMWOracle known that it had over a year to design, build and train on
its challenge vessel, they would more than likely had a different design
and construction strategy which would have resulted in a more powerful,
faster yacht for the races. To be forced to give all this information
to the Defender with so much lead–up time to the Match is surely
the worst nightmare for the Challenger.