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Post of the Week

pretty spot on post in a thread about a US Sailing article we ran entitled Mandatory

(US Sailing President) met with the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association
(CBYRA) board on Tuesday night to attempt to explain his proposal to require
membership in US Sailing for anyone "operating" a boat in a
race. Some points I found interesting:

  1. He said this requirement will be for all races sanctioned by US Sailing.
    (This dispels the notion that this rule would only be enforced in higher
    level regattas)

  2. 2.
    The reason for this requirement is that US Sailing has been losing members
    for several years now. When asked if US Sailing had done any research
    on why they were losing membership, the answer was they did not know why
    they were losing members. So this rather Draconian rule is to be implemented
    because US Sailing is not doing their job and researching why members
    are leaving and working to resolve those issues rather than just forcing

  3. Since all races on the CBYRA schedule would require US Sailing membership
    to enter, the current $10 discount for US Sailing members to enter would
    be eliminated next season. (I have posted in the past that I join US Sailing
    because I do enough races that the discount on the entry fee ends up paying
    for the membership, now that incentive is gone)

  4. The requirement is that anyone "operating" a sailboat in a US
    Sailing sanctioned race must be a member of US Sailing. This will be generally
    understood that anyone that will take the helm during a race must be a
    member. So either all crew members must now join, or no sharing helm during
    a long race. Interesting is that CBYRA is planning to start up the Annapolis
    to Hampton race next year, a 120 mile race, and with this requirement
    who is going to drive those boats?

  5. CBYRA, to their credit have chosen to implement a PHRF Cruising fleet
    for Point to Point races this season, as Phoenix and I have been asking
    for. This is good news, and will help to encourage cruisers that do not
    normally race to try their hands at racing in a fun, friendly, less competitive
    environment. There are limits on the types of boats and crew to encourage
    competition between true cruising boats and true cruiser/racers. Great
    news right? Well for this season yes, but starting next season, not only
    do we have to convince non-racers to pay $50 to enter a race but now we
    have to require them to join US Sailing, pay the additional membership
    there as well (not to mention anyone who may drive their boat during the
    race must now join as well). CRAZY!!!!

am very frustrated with US Sailing’s seeming insistence to move forward
with this proposal despite the obvious problems. US Sailing is not willing
to research the cause of the loss of membership, so will certainly NEVER
take a "look within" and realize much of the problem lies with
themselves and not the sailors choosing to give up their membership. They
are dishonest with their members (the multihull Olympic vote debacle),
and do not support certain parts of the sport like the multis.

I have always been quite happy to pay my membership dues in governing
bodies of sailing like CBYRA and US Sailing, this is because I believed
they were there to enhance the sport I love. But now US Sailing seems
to do nothing to enhance the sport, and nothing to help me as a sailor,
I see no reason to give them any money other than they are forcing it
down my throat, and I drive several different boats, and believe me it
is a very bitter pill to swallow.

up US Sailing and Jim Capron, and do the job you volunteered to do! Find
out why US Sailing is ailing and fix it, not just throw more draconian
requirements at it. And PLEASE, be more honest with your membership!

Sliom (US Sailing Member Number 252203E). Join the discussion if you wish.