More Trickle Down from Down-Under

More Trickle Down from

in the mid 80’s my ol’man designed a 24 foot Junior Offshore
Group (J.O.G.) yacht for a small group of young, ‘in the trade’,
Sydney yachties. Two of these plumb-bowed, box-sterned, little weapons
were built, the first named ‘Dunc n Co’ and the second ‘Gingerbread
Man’ which I built for myself as a young, Shipwright apprentice.
Both boats sported regular round bilges, at least until one cold, winter’s
day in Port Adelaide when to my absolute horror the ol’man marked
and cut these peculiar aft chines into my pride and joy with a circular-saw!!
Coupled with a then state-of-the-art but now rather ‘retro’
elliptical fin, the design went on to win multiple championship titles
in Australia and can still be found strutting ‘the look’ on
Sydney harbour today, some 22 years later. – Scott Dunconson.