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The Benz Boat

this is just good PR, but we always like to see big companies put their
name on something good. Mercedes Benz did here.

the motto "explore – learn – act," Mercedes-Benz and
adventurer Mike Horn kicked off a global environmental project today known
as the PANGEA Expedition (PANGEA is a Greek word meaning "all earth").
Lasting a total of four years, the intent of the PANGEA Expedition is
to encourage young people to make an active contribution to protecting
the environment and conserving natural resources.

for how he intends to realize this vision, Mike along with 144 young people
will sail the PANGEA – the largest polar exploration sail boat ever built
– to five continents, including the North and South Poles. Along the way,
the PANGEA team will partake in various environmental projects as well
as projects aimed at improving the environments of the people who live
at the various destinations visited.
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