Tipped But Not Broken

But Not Broken

not the maiden sail they were hoping for…

studied design at Southampton back in ’90 with some good guys; Guillaume
Verdier included – he assisted with the structure on this boat (not the
rudders). Following
a line of composite engineering – mainly resin infusion there was no professional
outlet for my inner design ego so I planned to build for myself this started
in 2000 with the demise of Goss Composites after the unfortunate Team
Phillips project. A refrigerated container full of Carbon pre-preg kicked
off the build. This is at about the time of our first baby – Will. Not
knowing about having a family I designed her a little big for my available
time – 33′ she was designed for the round Britain race ’06! plus a ‘gunkholing’
boat for the beautiful estuaries of England’s south west peninsular.

’06 came & went, by this time second baby – Flossie was 3 & progress
on the boat was slow. Another couple of years of building & we finally
launched the weekend before last, up the river Dart (where the pictures
are taken). My brother & brother in law & I jumped the boat &
we started the delivery from the Dart to the Yealm another river ~ 20
miles via start point.