Stand By

Coville’s maxi trimaran Sodeb’O is currently moored at Brooklyn’s
Gateway Marina in New York, ready to set off on the North Atlantic record

objective is to make Lizard Point single handed in less than 6 days, 4
hours, 1 minute and 37 seconds, a time set by Francis Joyon aboard his
first trimaran IDEC, in 2005. “It’s true that the bar has been
set high. Francis’ route was exceptional once again." confided
the skipper of Sodeb’O. “Ideally, I’ll set out ahead of a low,
which will push us all the way to the finish; this is why it’s complicated
choosing the right weather window. Two years ago, we waited too long for
these ideal conditions. This time around we’ll be more daring.”

routers Thierry Douillard, Christian Dumard and Richard Silvani are now
watching their screens in a bid to dissect and analyse the grib files,
ready to pounce on the slightest movement in the lows. With this in mind,
as soon as they spot this infamous favourable weather window, Thomas will
jump onto the first plane to New York. The sailor will then have a few
days to get over his jet lag, whilst his shore scrub down the maxi-trimaran
from top to toe and load two days of fresh food aboard. More Sodeb’O images.