Call To Ban Professional Sailors ©

Call To Ban Professional
Sailors ©

Dear Chap,

lot of chaps have taken to having professionals on board and those chaps
who haven’t are increasingly complaining that it is damaging the game
and are calling for a ban.

course in the Thames 24 we don’t have too much of this sort of stuff –
there is after all a limit to just how many professionals you can cram
on board a 24′ (Finest yacht of her day notwithstanding – and produced
some very fine sailors – considered moving up to the 32′ but The Sprightly
Shag was a gift of a late uncle – wouldn’t be right). But there are occasions
when, as a Knight of the Realm, one is called upon to extend British hospitality
to representatives of Chaps of standing and I can tell you first hand
that professional sailors are not worth the bother.

remember an occasion I was called upon to entertain a lawyer chap down
from the city.

a bit as a lad he said so I put him in charge of the mainsheet but we
were barely across the line before I had heard more clauses and sub-clauses
of the rules guide (recited loudly I might add) than I knew were ever
writ. Of course he got quieter as the race progressed but not due fatigue
of tongue so much the depleted fleet as all the boats that had got near
were soon heading back the Club to prepare their defense, if not phone
their own lawyer.