On Board


Don’t Do

and Anasazi Girl getting close to Bermuda.

I was writing the blog I did the "don’t do" The main gybed once
and gybed back again. I just kept writing. This is a "don’t".
Usually the kite wraps itself like a tortilla or like Fred Beckey camping
on the Grand Teton. Just lays his tarp on the ground and rolls up in it
like a cigar.

By the time I went on deck it was hot and the cigar was in place. I tried
for over an hour and then gave in. Up the rig in the Bermuda Triangle
I went. I had to cut the endless line on the ETN sock and she slid down
the J2 stay no problem and the kite even stayed on the deck. I am thinking
I have a line to replace it but now. I am a bit dehydrated and as they
say in Cape Town " Uccch shame"

Conditions were 15 kts and very steady and the pilot did perfect. Driving
very deep down wind with 2 reefs in the main. I used the webbing loops
on the luff in combination with one ascender with etriers and one soloist
on my chest.to go up. This is a titanium Russian made gem by USHBA. It
was quick and no drama. Just never feels right climbing the rig at sea.
I did take some time to look around and let it all sink in as the situation
was totally cool.," Just dont f…. it up James "is all I said
to myself. I have climbed the rig some many many times in port it was
automatic. This is the only the second trip up the rig at sea in the whole
voyage around the planet and the first trip up with only one rudder. But
"It ain’t over til its over" 833nm left to the end of the line
at the town Cut entrance to St Georges Harbour. Bermuda