Sched Mark

Yesterday’s decision from Justice Cahn’s court was a strange one. Like Solomon,
Cahn split the difference in the match dates requested by both parties nearly
6 months ago, and picked March as the month for the monster beasts to race.
He left a lot open with this ruling – what role does Valencia play in his
Order, did he intentionally disregard the plain language of the deed, which
part of his decision took a half-year to decide, and so on.

Given that both Alinghi and BMW/Oracle have big and likely valid complaints
with the ruling, Cahn’s order may end up being as useful as a piece of soiled
toilet paper in a few weeks. Alinghi have already filed their appeal looking
to modify the decision, and today they went before the Court to request
that the new appeal be consolidated with their pending two appeals so that
all arguments can be heard on June 5th in front of the Appellate panel.
We haven’t a clue what Ellison’s team has planned, but given the stakes
at this next round of legal pugilism, we’re expecting fireworks, to put
it mildly.

The next two weeks see a flurry of submissions as the case leads to a showdown
on what is the anniversary of both Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination and
Ronald Reagan’s death. Coincidence? You decide.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday, 15 May: SNG appellate brief due (this was to be their sur-reply,
    or their reply to GGYC’s response to SNG’s appeal, but now it’s their new
    brief…I’m not kidding!)
  • Thursday, 22 May: GGYC response to SNG brief due.
  • Friday, 23 May: SNG reply to GGYC’s response to SNG’s brief due.
  • Thursday, 5 June: COURTROOM BRAWL!