The Cynic


Starr 40

semi-regular new new feature at here SA is The Cynic, an anarchist who
prefers to remain anonymous and who, so far, seems to find nothing good
in the sport. Good times!

you "anarchists" go and don your overpriced matching crew gear
as you read the results of the relatively recent Farr 40 Worlds on your
favorite sailing websites? We’re you fantasizing that it was you there
amongst the glitterati, collar upturned, coke spoon in pocket, and Rolex
watch gleaming, rubbing shoulders with the rock stars that you were paying
to rub shoulder’s with? Oh goody! Then this is for you.

of cyber sailing, I have noted, with some small joy, that this site didn’t
seem to spend many words covering the event. Perhaps your esteemed Editor
was too busy with his Chinese Junk to care? Or maybe it was carefully
calculated indifference to the event? Very clever, Mr. Editor, if that
was the case, but sadly it wouldn’t appear that such actions will enamor
you with The Beautiful People.