Back to the Future

has been said about the need to change the America’s Cup with one main
goal in mind: To leave the 19th century and make it into the 21st century.

solution being considered is to remove the organization of the event by
the winning Yacht Club and entrust it to an independent organizer, for
an event scheduled every two or three years. This vision would give greater
visibility to the event, which in turn would make it more attractive to
sponsors. The permanent staff employed full-time would allow the America’s
Cup to be conducted as a great professional sporting show.

the above remind us of the current trophy holder, Ernesto Bertarelli’s
vision?? – Well, not really!

some researches on the subject, it is interesting to note that Ernesto
Bertarelli has not been the first to envisage modernizing the America’s
Cup. He was not the first to ask a city to pay a fee, nor the first to
consider "selling" the event to the highest bidder. He was not
even the first to place the America’s Cup’s organization in the capable
hands of an independent management company. In fact Ernesto Bertarelli
has not invented anything.