Who Cares? Transats

Who Cares?

The AG2R Figaro is drawing to an end, the Artemis Transat has just started.
Does anyone care? The Figaro thing had the potential, since it’s
pretty much sailors’ decisions that decide the result but, as the
niity gritty was delivered in French it was a big yawn for us English
speakers. The Artemis, being English run, has more potential for following
it, but with many Vendee people out for boat trouble reasons it too has
limited excitement potential. You can follow it on SA
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out from Yokohama last Thursday at 5h55’45’’ UT, Gitana
13 is set to make the Chinese port of Dalian over the course of this Sunday.
Lionel Lemonchois and his seven crew, who were positioned 125 miles from
their goal at 1645 UT, will in this way establish a new reference time
between Yokohama and Dalian, by covering 1,215 miles of the theoretical
course in less than 4 days.

Race Germany

match racing can’t hold your attention for the whole day, the entertainment
on the shores of Lake Constance certainly could. The live band started
in the big tent at lunchtime, and spectators enjoyed them well into the
night. With over 15,000 people soaking up the atmosphere and sun in Langenargen,
it was hard to tell who was actually there to watch the racing and who
just wanted to enjoy the party on the shore.
about the racing here.