Big Pimpin’


Rock It

newest advertiser, RockBox, make something called the Advanced Mobile
Performance Box. We’re not smart enough to figure these things out, so
here’s what they have to say about it, and be sure to read all the way
to the bottom for an anarchist deal.

of all, the RockBox
was designed by serious racers for serious racers. We’ve
all been racing our entire lives and put the features in it that we use
to win races! We might be a little biased, but with its graphic screen,
remote control, and graphical user interface it’s the most advanced
portable system available. Our goal is to build the best product, not

few of the features that set the RockBox AMPD apart from others are:

  • Largest screen and digit size available
  • Wireless remote control (control it from the rail or the helm!)
  • Graphical user interface
  • Our graphic LCD allows display of high resolution graphs
  • Backlight for night or low light racing
  • It easy to use!

RockBox AMPD also has the largest number of function available, even some
that you can’t get in a permanently installed system. The RockBox
AMPD functions are: