Race Results


Hunter and the Hunted

Ben Ainlslie won the European Finn
in Scarlino Maremma today, dominating in the medal race.
He made up the 8 points that separated him from French Guillaume Florent
who finished the race in 8th position, due to the aggressive hunting of
the British champion in the prestart. Great photography by James
Robinson Taylor

Ainslie talked about the start of the race: “The wind came in very
quickly and so did the start. From the get go my plan was to give Guillaume
(Florent) a hard time in the pre-start as I needed to get a few points
on him. We had a few incidences where I was on starboard and he on port,
but the Jury decided to give me a penalty anyhow. At the end it worked
out fine because it distracted him and I was able to start in the middle
of the line with good speed.” Ainsle then spoke about the week in
Maremma stating: “On the whole it was a great week, but with very
shifty and changing conditions. It was good training for what the situation
in Qingdao will be like.”

  1. Ben Ainslie (GBR)
  2. Ivan Gaspic (CRO)
  3. Guillaume Florent (FRA)