Sailor Chicks of the Week

Sailor Chicks of the

was our third year running the Mug
in Bob’s F24 Mk1 “Wet Monkey”. We got soundly
trounced the first year, and have won the last two now – that is first
in Class as our lowly Tri can not compete with the big RC30 nor even the
RC27’s. But winning overall all isn’t what this race is about.
At least it wasn’t for about 160 boats this year. For some, it is
about the challenges and rewards by doing a long distance race like this.
For most….yeah, it’s the party!

year, I also had a boat in the race, but I was not on it. Our SR25 “Ruckus”
(Ex Putz for any of you who cares) was fielded with an all woman crew
as a prelim for the coming WOW (Women On the Water) series. If you don’t
begin knowing a boat after the long 8 plus hours of this race, you never

racing course is split about in two by the Shands bridge with only 44
ish feet clearance so some years ago they split the race into two courses.
The original South Course that starts in Palatka and the North Course
for the “tall ships” that starts by the Buchman Bridge (Orange
Park) and travels basically to the Shands bridge and back. Both courses
are the exact same length at 38.6 miles, but are scored separately.