Big Pimpin’


Change is Good

is a time of change, so we thought a change was in order. With increasing
traffic to our website, due in large part to our SA advertising, DIMENSION-POLYANT
recognized the need to upgrade our website to better provide information
to you, the sailor. We’ve completely updated our website to fully integrate product information with applications so sailors can
see exactly what they’re getting when they order DIMENSION-POLYANT fabrics.
Our entire product line is laid out with printable PDF’s for both the
sailor and sailmaker to study and save. Our newsletter, DP Forum, is also
available in printable form to follow the progress of DIMENSION-POLYANT
as a whole, including our industrial, surf and outdoor divisions, as well
as getting insight into how the company runs.

an eye on the site, over the next few months we’ll have more information
on our newest membrane string sail developments as we demo test sails
built in our new pilot plant in Putnam, CT. Our newest laminate product
will offer a new direction for any sailmaker to provide state of the art
membranes to the sailing public.